7,780 employees with a turnover of EUR 635 million

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Our work for SaarGummi:

Corporate Branding, Branded Content, Brand Innovation with 
Virtual Reality
Product Movies
Conzept and Corporate Branding of Innovation Hub SaarGummi Neo

map worked as a sparring partner with the CEO on the restructuring of the corporate architecture and supported the organizational development with communication measures over several years. The results of the consulting companies, the Global Cafe workshops and the strategic orientation of the management were continued in the corporate branding with brand book, website, logo, claim and as branded content with AR applications that are used globally and network the company, the entire communication of compliance guidelines and internal campaigns. The Saargummi Neo innovation center was created on the basis of the repositioning and strategic alignment of corporate communications by mapmovingstory in collaboration with the CEO. The global storytelling about SaarGummi Neo led to cross-industry recognition. For example, SaarGummi Neo was ranked as one of the TOP 100 innovative companies in Germany in 2020 by the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and recognized by the Federal Ministry of Economics as an official member of the Industry 4.0 platform and as one of the innovation leaders in the automotive supply industry.