Brandbook and Identity

Tell good stories for successful brand management.

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Every person, every family, every nation have their own narratives. They find their form in stories, narratives and myths and orientate human beings. Now and in the future. The way and above all which stories are told is an essential component for communicating corporate identity.

core values

Orientation creates identity

A corporate brand book publishes the company values. The values form an orientation and the basis for the Code of Coduct. It summarizes the life and experience of the corporate values in a binding way.


The Lighthouse

The Brandbook and Code of Conduct convey the values with storytelling methods that transform orientation into identity.

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Identity generates added value

mapmovingstory used research and surveys to carve out the identity of SaarGummi Group and positioned it for corporate communications. The restructuring of the entire corporate architecture was successfully implemented with a new vision, mission, corporate values, customer promises and claims.


The Signet

A logo should be valid for at least five years, to be refreshed after 10 years with a gentle relaunch. A market-specific strategy adjustment of a company can also be seen in a revised logo. Thus the appearance convinces existing and future employees, customers and investors. The brand is perceived as authentic and sustainable.


The brand book was supplemented with a Corporate Design Manual (CDM). The CDM narratively and visually defines the current appearance with logos, claims, fonts, corporate colors and practical examples of use.

Especially for employees who are not directly involved in the brand development process, company values and central design elements

such as logo, typography, colors, grid and visual language are important orientation markers.

Uniform communication measures generate added value for the company.

Brando Corporate design manual
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How can I make my brand a lasting experience in an ever more dynamic digitalization of living and production worlds?

How does the brand present itself in all internal and external communication channels?

How is the brand experienced at the most important touchpoints?



Corporate Branding


Interviews with management and relevant stakeholders

Branded Interaction

Digital business modelling

Stories &

Adaptation of the positioning with new core values, brand core, customer promise

Adaptation of the enterprise architecture for a structurally new communication

Creation Brandbook & Brand Manual

Refresh of the logo design

Roll out the new corporate identity & corporate design and corporate values in all communication channels


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