Compliance and digital transformation 

Digitization is changing the legal framework for companies


'Digital identity' is a balancing act.

Transparency and decision-making capacity must be married with integrity and privacy. Compliance guidelines should help to manage the digital transformation sensibly. The introduction of the DSGVO, for example, has had a massive impact on the set of rules for companies. These companies now have to expand, adapt, re-communicate their in-house guidelines. 

Compliance guidelines represent a particular challenge for the supplier industry.

It is expected that the guidelines will be complementary to those of their customers and that they will make their code of conduct transparent.

In addition to the internal corporate and macro-political framework, the Code of Conduct and related campaigns provide further details on these guidelines.

compliance poster

The Code of Conduct is a compass

For the SaarGummi Group, a supplier to the automotive industry, we designed and, together with the legal departments, wrote the campaign texts for several codes of conduct.

On this basis, we designed the compliance campaigns, paying special attention to the cultural differences of the globally represented locations. The campaign was then rolled out globally in analog form with posters, stickers and brochures, and digitally via the intranet and homepage.


The company set up a global hotline, the "Speak Up Hotline". It was available for all international employees in the appropriate language. We developed a special newsfeed format in order to inform the employees about these features and organized a tokenized stream of information to segmented audience groups.


In order to distribute and protect the information in a targeted manner, a token security system was used with the Mandrill software. Content is sent directly from a protected website via email to segmented target groups with an authorization token that cannot be forwarded.




How do I protect the privacy of people and at the same time distribute important information to them?

In a global company, how do I distribute my messages in the individual countries?

How do I implement compliance rules in regional and global communications?

How do I link company-specific rules with those that have a political influence on them from outside or that need to be adopted? 



Corporate Compliance


Interviews with the Management

User Story Mapping

Stories &

Creation and design of a comprehensive Code of Conduct

Introduction of a secure communication system based on a Token Security System

Global implementation of compliance guidelines online and offline

Strategic communication and production of compliance campaigns

Segmentation of target groups & access authorizations


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