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Corporate design and digital transformation

Evolution instead of revolution

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Corporate design for communication evolution means:

That in addition to offline presence, it is also adapted to digital communication channels with their respective target group-specific characteristics. The balancing act: it must remain unmistakably recognizable despite slight adjustments. In selected social media channels, as an informative white paper, on the website, on the intranet, in digital sales channels.

"The logo is like a lighthouse. It does not run in the direction in which it shines, but stays in its place".

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This also applies to the placement of the logo in digital communication. 

It also remains the static reference point. It is the top of the brand architecture. In the first analysis we look at the brand architecture. In a second, we look at the means of communication and how precisely they fit for data-based personas. In an early exchange with the IT team, we then specifically develop digital communication interfaces with their very own requirements. 

In any event the goal is to position companies in their market environment the best and most distinctive way possible. 

This applies to already known companies as well as start-ups. We analyze the corporate, business, and product strategies of start-ups and market leaders, characterize brand architecture and communication design, and position them individually for online and offline communication. 

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Our Value CompassĀ® is particularly suitable for digital communication.

For the SaarGummi Group, for example, we developed the guiding idea and the customer promise "Leading Innovations" and for the steel service center Stahlo Trusted Excellence. With these central ideas, we generated the entire digital user experience and designed the interfaces. By linking a consistent brand strategy with interactive media, we created a unified communication image that adequately represents the brand across all channels..

From the design of the analog letterheads to logos on facades and lobbies, and digital touch-points, such as the integration of a career website, entire areas were redesigned. A branding portal provides access to infographics, design systems for employees, annual reports, digital design manuals, templates and brand manuals.



How can I adapt and expand the brand architecture to the new possibilities of digital channels?

Digital distribution creates mass, how do I remain unmistakable?

What are the needs of the client, what are the needs of the employees and potential new employees, and what are the needs of the target groups and customers?

How do I create orientation in a global context and manage to locate it regionally and vice versa to spread a message that works universally?



Corporate Branding


Interviews with the Top management

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Design analog: Brand Manual logos on facades and lobbies

Digital design: career platform, website, intranet, infographics, design systems for employees, annual reports, brand manuals, templates, branding portal

Global rollout online and offline


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