Possibilities of mobility 

Employer branding with moving and motion pictures

Ottobock prosthetic

Moving image and mobility 

Film is also called moving image. The image film for the world's leading "prosthesis manufacturer" Ottobock moves on several levels. Emotionally it moves, formally it shows people in motion. However, it shows people with prostheses that enable them to move. The term prosthesis is an antiquated terminology that Ottobock replaced with "mobility for people" and this is exactly what became the leitmotif for the film.

Ottobock exhibition

It is about mobility concepts! 

The challenge was to find an emotional translation for the claim 'Quality for life'. A moving film with the core theme of 'mobility concept' was to positively encode the negatively connotated word prosthesis and to make it more tangible with the optimistic term mobility. 


Prosthesis versus mobility

The Ottobock company was to be conveyed simultaneously to potential top level managers, specialists and junior staff through the films in an emotional, authentic and exciting way. map, together with Ottobock, led several employer branding workshops that highlighted the value system of the Ottobock company as an employer and further sharpened the positioning of the employer brand.

Heinrich Popov

The human being at the center

The key for the image film was to bring artificial spare parts to life, to relate the technology emotionally and to focus on the human being. map developed the communication strategy, the concept and implemented this in the complete production of all films.

Sensitive messages with high impact

The image film was so successful that four elaborate corporate films were produced afterwards, which successfully communicated the narratives inside and outside the company. The films were subsequently released in several installments. One of them represented the Ottobock company at the "Hidden Champions" awards in an empathetic and at the same time informative manner.

ottobock video

At the "Hidden Champions" awards ceremony, the company was enthusiastically celebrated, not least because of the film. 

Hidden Champions


How can sensitive messages be combined with strong messages and transported through film?

How do corporate films with specific content work internally and externally?

How can I pick up and inspire my own staff with the film?

How can narratives be developed that address different stakeholders equally?

How do I measure the success of such a film? 



Employer Branding



Value Compass*

Branded Storytelling 

Stories &

The image films significantly increased the pride of working for Ottobock

From the image films, advertising clips for the trade fair and branded content for the Websites produced

The internal global manager events were documented in elaborate films and successfully used as a change management tool within the company

A short version of one of the image films became the celebrated presentation film for the award ceremony as Hidden Champion


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