Woco & Spin Off Wairify

5,000 employees, approx. EUR 565 million

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Our work for Woco:

ESG Positionierung 

Corporate Identity 

Branded Content

Brand Innovation 

mapmovingstory supports the globally positioned family business in its transformation to sustainable corporate management as an automotive supplier in the context of ESG regulations and the introduction of a new positioning of the family business for climate protection goals and electromobility with corporate branding and branded content. The corporate design manual, website, logo and claim were redesigned. It became the basis for the branded content, which mapmovingstory implemented with newly produced content such as photos, graphics, 3D animations, short films and texts. mapmovingstory also communicates and brands individual product segments of the company, such as the thermal management module, which is now positioned as the global market leader. In addition, map has successfully contributed to the conceptual conversion of the Woco plasma separator from oil dust reduction in crankshaft housings to a filterless deactivation technology for viruses, molds and bacteria. This resulted in the spin-off company Wairify, in which Kärcher holds a 23% stake. Map also has a stake in Wairify.