Represented in over 100 countries with 47,000 professionals, global turnover of EUR 2.5 billion - Mazars employs 2,000 people in Germany with a turnover of EUR 233 million

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Our work for Mazars Germany:

Branded Content for Change Management

The task was to use informative and at the same time inspiring communication to accompany the software changeover affecting all company processes with good storytelling. The goal: "Breaking down silos and work-around processes" through good communication via the company's own intranet with concepts, photos, texts, brief instructions, documentation, etc... -

Concept for ERP launch:

The communication process was implemented at Mazars Germany. It was created as part of a global vision for the company, namely to visualize the processes in a large data sculpture - "the social object that people like to follow" - which as a central symbol is part of the global Mazars House.