Matthias Held

Managing Director Strategy


"Imagine Venus de Milo on the moon. Is she still art there?" (Eckhard Held)

The question is at the same time an invitation. It hides several possible answers. This opens up a field of tension into which one's own story can be inscribed. With the Venus of Milo, the theme is the question of the truthfulness of the self. Without the human gaze, is the Venus of Milo still something for which the human being thinks it is? Does  art exist just for itself, free from any gaze directed at it? And at what point becomes the Venus of Milo, a masterpiece of art, a self that does not need that gaze for the reassurance of its existence and consequently is considered to be a piece of art throughout history? Simply put; does an object of art only exist in the context in which it appears? 

Stories shape a context and offer anchor points in today's fast-paced, networked, digitalized world.

Many of these 'stories' are usually hidden within the company itself. If, in turn, they are discovered and told in the connection of a question and an invitation, they become an exciting context with a lasting effect.