Automation through networking 

Virtual and real-world are both real. 



The refrigerator talks to our clock, the mobile phone is networked to our car, our fitness tracker makes the alarm clock ring, sensors in the food bowl trigger an automatic order for the pet from Napfy. 


The IoT is a powerhouse

For the Swiss company STS Tracking AG, we co-developed digital process applications for a GPS tracker. The tracker, for which we did the entire communication design, positioning and branding, was first to be produced for dogs and cats and in a second step further developed for valuables and, after sufficient experience, also for tracking people suffering from dementia.

Does this ring a bell?

The name "Belpet", from English bell and pet, was part of our overall concept for marketing the tracker. The analog bell is the oldest precursor of the digital "bell". The name Belpet is concise in content and phonetically catchy. The tracker is attached to the collar with a patented lock similar to a bell, which opens automatically if the pull is too great.

The market entry and concept were adapted to the unlimited possibilities of IoT applications. Our concept for the possibilities of data mining and the automation of ordering processes, for example via Amazon, prompted STS AG to integrate additional sensor technology into the tracker systems.

The design of the GPS tracker, based on our briefing, product branding, brand architecture

developed by the renowned design studio EMAMI, received the Red Dot Design Award 2019.


The conceptual idea for the logo, which represents a stylized bell, gives the product high quality and lasting recognizability. 

STS logo
STS presentation slides


How does Data Mining add value to a product?

How can data be translated into real key figures and made usable?

How can these insights be translated into products, services, communication?

How can successful communication strategies, product design, market entry be coordinated from the technologies mentioned above? 


Corporate Branding

Innovation Design



Digital Business Modeling

Service Design Thinking

User Story Mapping

Stories &

The product won the Red Dot Design Award 2019.

The entire brand presentation was of high quality and was praised by the suppliers for the individual components in their communication as a successful example of good design and communication.

The product was strategically successfully presented in the B2B arena at dog teams of the Red Cross in Switzerland, German hunting clubs and with Sales Force in a first round also in the B2C area.


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