Corporate Websites

The landing page is the digital shop window of a company 

The digital triad makes the music


The first impression counts, both analog and digital.

Structured information, clearly defined target groups and understandable core messages are harmonized by the triad of technology, content and UX on one website. The technology works for the user quasi in the background. It is the invisible force that turns all sounds of the website into one sound.

map office

Navigation as if by magic.

The human-machine interface should be as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Through a sophisticated and user-centered UX design, the users navigate through the content almost by themselves...

3d car app

The framework is important, the content the central element 

We map your story and turn it into an experience with the interaction of technology, 3D animations, infographics, photos, films, design, layout, UX design.

map office

Top results are preprogrammed with our specialists

mapmovingstory has realized hundreds of websites and works only with programmers and content providers from the high-end sector. For the technical implementation we work together with full-stack programmers and offer various technologies. For a special offer, consulting and further details please ask for our spin-off


Photos and portraits

For the best results possible we collaborate a lot with the Ostkreuz agency, whose photographers are among the best worldwide. 

we Dawin Meckel

Moving images

Together with our US subsidiary mapnewyork that has been produced films for the television, music and corporate industries for well over 20 years we create image films for the B2B arena globally . 


When is a framework suitable and when is a content management system better suited?

Which programming needs which interface to existing or other digital communication formats?

Is the website an own business model with a shop system or should it make products, services, the company tangible?

Should rather an experience or performance-driven system be used? 


Corporate Branding

Employer Branding




Business Canvas

User Story Mapping

Branded interactions

Service Design Thinking


Stories &

Integration of existing websites into the relaunch of the new website

Implementation of a web site tailored to the purpose of the UX and UI Interfaces

Content mapping of required and existing content and Production of interactive infographics, photos/films, texts, 3D animations

Technical implementation of the website and conception of all landing pages to highlight special content and interfaces to internal IT and external Social Media Channels

Employer branding story here